Exploration & Analysis


Exploration & Analysis


An Australian consulting company providing pragmatic exploration geochemistry services to resource-sector clients in Australia and throughout the world


Geochimica is a specialist consulting firm, with a proven record of helping mineral explorers and miners get more value from their samples.  Whether geochemical data has been newly acquired for a project, or is from public domain or corporate legacy sources, robust compilation and a thorough understanding of data suitability and limitations is essential for success.  Engaging a pragmatic, highly qualified and experienced geochemist can be a cost effective way of getting the requisite data and converting it to the knowledge required to advance an exploration project.

Mark Pirlo - Principal Consultant.

I developed Geochimica to provide explorers with specialised services in exploration geochemistry and geochemical data analysis.  Well qualified, with a geochemistry focus in both my Bachelor Degree and PhD, I have over 15 years of postdoctoral experience.  This has included exploration geochemistry R & D, principal technical staff roles in the exploration & mining industry, and over 8 years working as a specialist independent consultant.  I have worked across several commodities, styles of mineralisation, stages of project and in a diverse range of environments and cultures.  Click here if you’d like to know more about me, my qualifications and experience, and how I can help solve your geochemical exploration issues.  

Dr Mark C Pirlo

Get what you need, when you need it.  Small companies can have the expertise of a registered professional geochemist on call to help them with their geochemical data.  They get a quality, cost effective option, providing what they want, when they need it.  Larger companies can also benefit, by using Geochimica on specific projects, requiring skills beyond their capacity.

Knowledge & experience.  Put specialist geochemistry experience to work on your project.  Collect the right samples, in the right places, and then using the most appropriate prep & laboratory methods.  Unlock valuable additional information from your expensive samples to realise new targeting opportunities, and take your data interpretation to new levels.  Rely on someone with the technical skills and qualifications, together with practical industry experience for pragmatic advice you can actually use.

Time & money.   Get dynamic, customisable service and pricing solutions for your projects, without the high overheads of a large consulting group, or the slow, bureaucratic dramas of a government agency.  Available on hourly, daily or monthly rates, depending on your requirements.

Knowledge transfer & technical mentoring.  Have data interpretation explained in clear, easy to understand terms.  Get an enthusiastic and energetic geochemistry mentor for your less experienced staff, and further build capability within your team.

Small size, big service.  Rarely does consulting geochemistry work require the simultaneous resources of a large team.  Instead, receive personalised service and always deal directly with Mark.  Take advantage of the mobility, flexibility and quality that an enthusiastic geochemist can bring.

The right tools and technology for the job.  With a sophisticated geographical information system, combined with dedicated geochemical interpretation software and statistical analysis tools, Geochimica has what’s required to review and interpret your data.  In-field sampling and analysis equipment is also available for suitable projects.

Connections.  Mark’s diverse R & D background, and significant resource industry experience allows Geochimica to access a range of technical experts in several key exploration fields if required.   2018